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Katie Gettys Coaching

During my time with Katie, I've learned so much about how to best present the skills & qualifications I have to parents & learners, and feel truly confident about the business I'm building! If you're on the fence about working enrolling in this program, listen to me when I say, it's the BEST investment you can make for your business...if I hadn't invested in learning from Katie, I would probably still be stuck, internalizing messages that its "too late" to make it on Outschool, and really not going in with the right mindset and attitude to create a successful online teaching business.

-- Cecilia Tamez

"[After working with Katie] I realized that despite my recent hard times I can take confidence in my success so far. It was just that I made a couple critical mistakes (scheduling, pricing, block text, leaving up 4 year old videos, editing class promos too long and slowly). Katie helped me get over my frustration and focus on concrete actions. I was able to go through a totally rebrand myself through my profile, class listings, as well as put a new class together. Katie helped me see myself in a new and appreciative way that can also connect with parents and students."

-- Walker Parrish

"Working with Katie was one of the best decisions that I made last year. She actually introduced me to Outschool and it has completely changed my life. Katie helped me to get focused, she helped me with my listings, to appeal to parents and students, how to play to my strengths as a teacher, what kind of classes would be best for me to offer. If you are on the fence, I say go for it. Katie is going to encourage you and help you and it has been an incredible experience for me working with her."

-- Tessa Valdez

-- Cecilia T., Outschool Teacher

-- Tessa V., Outschool Teacher

"Katie helped me create a strategy to get started on Outschool. Not only does Katie have great advice, but she has the experience to back it up. You absolutely are missing out on a gold-mine of strategies and answers to the million questions you'll have when starting your own online teaching business."

-- Natassia Perrine

"Katie is an incredible and humble human being. [Working with her] has helped me tremendously on what my next steps will be...she makes you feel like a new friend, not just a client. I would recommend her to any new or old Outschool teacher hoping to grow their platform."

-- Amber Voeller

"After working with Katie, I had so much more confidence and clarity about how to grow, had actionable steps to achieve what I wanted to…I would just say that [working with Katie] is the single best decision I have made in my business to date."

-- Elizabeth Pope

-- Elizabeth Pope, Owner of Sparkology Education

-- Shannon Timme, Owner of Set Fitness LLC

-- Diana Cummings, Owner of Dynamic Piano Studio LLC