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katie gettys

online teacher coach

 hey teachers! 

Let's get you accepted + teaching on Outschool ASAP


What is Outschool?

  • Outschool is an online platform for teachers to host online classes for kids.

    Outschool allows you to create & plan your own classes, set your own schedule, decide your price per student, how many students per class, and more! 

  • I've been teaching on Outschool for almost two years now. In my first year I was able to surpass my old classroom teaching salary by nearly $30,000, teaching an average of 17 hours per week.

    Now I've even expanded to become an organization, where I now hire other teachers to teach my classes as well. 

    I'm so passionate about coaching other teachers to get started on the Outschool platform and build an online teaching business of their own!

  • Step 1: Apply to Outschool

    Why apply to Outschool?

  • It's the best way to start making money online as a teacher

  • Outschool is GROWING

  • High potential earnings

  • Outschool values their teachers

  • Outschool supports their teachers

  • Outschool supports organizations

  • Ready to jump

    right in + apply?! Let me help!

    Application Process

  • Step 1: Written Application

  • The first part is a written application that details your professional background and your expertise. This is all about you as a teacher and what you can contribute to the Outschool platform.

  • Step 2: About Your Class

  • The second part is all about your class. This is where you talk about the specifics of your classes and the strategies that you will use in teaching them.

  • Step 3: Teach Us

  • The third stage is called "Teach us." where you'll send a video of you demonstrating a sample class. This class should match the one in your written application. This is your chance to show off your personality, how engaging you are, and your professionalism. 

  • Step 4: Wait to Hear Back

  • After submitting the written application and the video demo, all you need to do, is wait to hear back. If you are denied, you are allowed to reapply whenever and however many times as you'd like, but often they do not express why, so I highly recommend working with a hiring coach (me!). 

      Requirements to Apply:

    • 18 years or older

    • Reside full-time in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Wales.

    • Degree not required, but must have one or more expertise or passion that you will base your classes around

    • Reliable and fast Internet connection

  • And we haven't even gotten to the best part...

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  • Examples for the Written Application

  • iMovie Tutorials

  • Canva Tutorial

  • Classroom Background Ideas

  • A Guide to Get Started on Outschool

  • by the way...have we met??👋

    hi, i'm katie!

    I'm a full-time Outschool organization owner & teacher coach, here to help you build & scale a purposeful & profitable online teaching career that will support your lifestyle & passions. 

    After quitting my public school job to travel the world & teach ESL online for 1.5 years, I dug myself into a huge financial hole & felt a complete & total lack of professional purpose.

    In June of 2020, I started teaching guitar & ukulele online with Outschool, where I had a 5-figure months my second & third months teaching. I've since gone on to make over $100k on the OS platform & serve hundreds of incredible kiddos.
    Now I live a life of financial freedom & location independence doing what I love most & I'm here to help other teachers do the same!

    Take it from them...

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